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Mail Art – Honour to all mothers of all times! - ALEMANIA - Cierra el 31 de julio, 2021

 Deadline: 31 July 2021

Call for entries Mail Art

Theme: Honour to all mothers of all times! We were all born by a mother!

Mothers receive, hold and carry, take the whole cosmos, give space to the New and let it grow.

How many mothers have given us our lives, made them possible even sweetened!

All respect! Please share this joy, express your appreciation, give them the honour! Exhibition to be held on 2021, showroom in Gengenbach and Lahr/ D

… further notices see on

Only works dealing with the theme will be exhibited. Deadline: 31.7. 2021

as usual: no fee, no jury, no return

preferred size: 10x15cm submission address       Kunst&Coaching
Barbara Ihme
Rathausplatz 1
D – 77791 Berghaupten
Have fun, creating something awesome!

I am curios about your visions. Thank you!