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Open Call Italy: "Canticle of creatures by St. Francis of Assisi, Cierra 20 de marzo 2021

Este proyecto es una iniciativa cultural dirigida a sensibilizar a través de una muestra de arte itinerante en el que pueden participar artistas de todo el mundo, inspirados en el respeto y la protección de la naturaleza. 

"This is not a simple art project, but there is a charity initiative towards environmental associations that deal with the sea and marine animals. It is therefore not exactly a mail-art project. The donated works will be exhibited but then subsequently inserted in an artistic notebook put up for sale for this purpose. For those who wish to participate in these ways, the works must be 20x20 cm and inspired by the 'Canticle of creatures' by St. Francis of Assisi, therefore nature more generally.
The spring 2021 exhibition is actually part of another new project, because in the future I would like to create a quarterly magazine on a specific theme, collecting works from all over the planet." _ Said the creator of the call Diego Racconi