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"Sunrise Without People" = a wordless postcard project / cierra el 30 de junio, 2021

Hurry!  The Sunrise postcard call ends soon!
Call for MailArt POSTCARDS for projects in 2021 ..."Sunrise Without People" = a wordless postcard project (due 30 June 2021)
"Colorless Abstracts" (only black/white/greys) =a wordless postcard project (due 30 December 2021)"Calling All Cats" = a wordless postcard project (thru 2021)Please send only family-friendly, non-violent, non-political mail.Send only Postcards showing a SUNRISE with NO people and NO words; or an ABSTRACT with NO people, NO colors, NO words; or one or more CATS with NO people and NO words to:Napland, c/o Lois Richter1315 Torrey St, Davis CA 95618 USA
Lois Richter, 530-902-0209 (text or phone 9am-7pm)
P.O. Box 7, Davis CA 95617-0007 USA

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